Boost VC Invests In 100th Crypto Startup, Fulfills A Four Year Promise

  • Boost VC has invested in 100 crypto startups
  • Has invested in Coinbase, Etherscan, Abra, Filecoin and Ledger among others
  • The founders promised to invest in 100 startups in 2014

BOOST VC has finally fulfilled the promise made by its investors in 2014; investing in 100 crypto and blockchain startups.

The landmark moment was revealed by its co-founder Adam Draper and comes at a time when the market has shed over 75 percent of its value.

Boost has invested in diverse fields including crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, crypto startups and other crypto-focused venture firms.

Fulfilling The Promise

In March 2014, Adam Draper, the co-founder of Boost VC declared that the firm would invest in 200 companies, 100 of which would be in the crypto industry within three years.

Back then, the San Mateo-based firm had only invested in 10 startups in the industry.

Though it has come a year later, Draper revealed that the firm has finally invested in its 100th startup in the industry.

Despite the evolution of the industry, Boost has remained true to its founding philosophy, Draper told Coindesk.

“It has always been about building the open financial system of the world,” he revealed.

Boost VC has kept an optimistic outlook despite the crypto market losing over $600 billion year-to-date.

Draper promised that he’d keep writing more checks and investing in crypto startups despite hitting the milestone. To that end, Boost is seeking applications for its accelerator program in which the winner receives a $100,000 investment.

It’s also on the hunt for 20 innovative startups which it will invest in, offer office space and mentor for three months.

Boost VC has invested in several startups, from wildly successful ones to the less known ones. They include Coinbase, Protocol Labs, hardware wallet Ledger, interoperability startup Polkadot and privacy-focused Zcash.

Draper pledged to keep supporting crypto entrepreneurs, crazy as their vision might be.

“We’re looking for the craziest most impassioned people building magic.”

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