The Cryptograph’s Mission

Our mission is to provide news, opinions and analysis from some of the best and brightest minds within the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain community. To educate, connect and entertain newcomers and experts alike. Bringing the people the information they need and must hear.

Who we are

The Cryptograph is a Private Limited Company registered in Glasgow, Scotland. It started as a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain news page on various social media platforms.

We are not owned by any large media groups or influential individuals, we aim to be the publication of the people and help bring Crypto and Blockchain to the mainstream.

Journalistic principles

We aim to uphold an incredible standard of fair, accurate, non-bias and professional Journalism.

Our Journalists and Editorial team adhere to all IPSO (https://www.ipso.co.uk/) guidelines and Editorial Code of Conduct.

At no point in the publication being active will investors/owners have a say in which way our content is written for their own gain.

All editors and writers, freelance or staffers are required to disclose any investments or related activities associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Employees of The Cryptograph are not in anyway restricted from owning or investing in cryptocurrencies or blockchain projects but are however required to disclose every investment made.